Monday, June 15, 2009

House-sitting: watch reruns on TV or....

...take along enough craft supplies to last you a year (let alone two weeks) and make a HUGE list of things to accomplish?

How about both?

I made two more kusudama (kusudamas? kusudami?) and let me tell you that folding 120 squares of paper is one of those things that makes a great "do this while you watch tv" deals. I've never watched NCIS before, but I remember seeing something about it on Missie Zee's blog so I've now seen more episodes than I care to admit (there have been two marathons this week). But hey! The kusudamaseses are finished.

I also managed to start another set of wool dryer balls as well as work on those IKEA frames from way back when (pictures will come when they are finished). ALSO got another cell phone cozy done - my brother's girlfriend's mom wanted one and her purse is pink soooo:

My second ever blanket stitch project. I'm...umm...learning. :)

If you missed my first post on this project you can find the tutorial here.

I also have some Fourth of July/Independence Day hostess gifts/centerpiece projects in the works so be sure to come back and check those out.

The good: the woman of the house is an avid crafter herself and has a whole basement full of crafty goodness. You should see her quilting room. Seriously.
And they have all kinds of movies I've been wanting to see and haven't got around to yet.

The bad: dial up. Guhhhhhhhh! It's okay I'll live. :) Only one more week.


Brittany at Food for Thought has awarded me with a Premio Meme Award! And I'm supposed to tell you seven things about my personality:

1 - Unflappable - I can keep a fairly calm demeanor throughout most any situation. And I've been in some very. interesting. situations.

2 - Feisty - could be short woman syndrome (instead of little man syndrome), but I am no shrinking violet.

3 - Corny - I love dumb jokes and puns and silly word play and stuff like that. Like, "I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me."

4 - Creative - I hope! Haha. There are a few creative things I haven't gotten into, like quilting and scrapbooking, but in general I love to try things. I'm currently trying to learn to solder well. Hmmm.

5 - Quietly rebellious - I follow rules but I like loopholes. Like how I'm looking to buy a 1971-72 Chevy truck (like this one) because then it will be old enough I won't have to take it through DEQ every couple years. Sticking it to the Man! Bwahaha!

6 - I'm a Lit Nerd - I'm the one who will laugh hysterically at the Duke and the King butchering Shakespeare's plays in that scene in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I'm the one who was watching Psych and when there was a scene with a boat named "Rocinante" said, "That's Don Quixote's horse!"

7 - A listener - I think I must look like someone who you should pour out to because I seem to get that a lot. Which is okay! And I don't think I even need to give advice for everything, sometimes just hearing and sharing is helpful too.


Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

I just love those paper flowers, but folding all that paper. . .

I have yet to attempt a blanket stitch. For some reason I am really afraid of it. I whipstitch everything :) Yours looks great with your felt cozy!

How'd you like NCIS? I love those marathons. I always get so much crafting done. I am now hooked on Bones, thanks to TNT!

the ungourmet said...

Hi Molly!

Those flowers would definitely last a lot longer than the bouquet of roses on my table. They are so pretty too!

I had fun reading about you! I am a bit feisty myself, and go figure, I'm short too!

I thought of you yesterday when I drove past this house by me and this gal had a "Free" sign up and there were all of these old dishes and jars and mugs. I bet they are still there! I stopped and grabbed a couple of things. Time to get crafty!

Tanielle said...

Your projects are amazing!!! Holy smokes all that folding, but wow...the finished project! Gorgeous!

Kara said...

I love those flowers, they are just gorgeous! Are you going to post instructions?

shari said...

i laughed OUT LOUD at your "things about you"... i identified with quite a few of them and LOVED the way you worded them... i'm going to become a follower because i love your humor! make me laugh out loud and i'll follow you anywhere...