Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christmas in July - Day four

Missie's theme for day four is food and she's got recipes and labels galore!

I don't know if my age is showing or what but I completely understand the food for Christmas gifts thing. Like back in the day when you might get an orange in your stocking. I would LOVElovelove a really good orange in my stocking. One that's actually tree ripened and not one that ripened in the box on the way to the grocery store. I've only had one such orange in my life and it was divine.

Before I go into total memory space out my two favorite sweet treats to make for Christmas are

Both are recipes I found through the Kraft Food and Family magazine. If you are not subscribed to it - DO IT. It's free! Or you could visit their website. I'm an old-fashioned girl so I like to have something printed in hand to reference. The mint thins are absolutely the easiest "cookie" imaginable and you will love them, trust me.

As for gifts this year I have a list of items I'll be making and giving (yep, I'm a list person). On my list is:

the rose petal jelly (who doesn't want a taste of summer in the middle of winter?) I just made.

chocolate covered hazelnuts - hazelnuts are a thing around where I live and I have baggies full of them just waiting to be dipped in chocolate.

raspberry cordial - never tried anything like this so I hope it turns out!

Yum! I'm wanting some chocolate now and there's absolutely none in my house...unless I raid the chocolate chip stash...


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Looks fantastic !!!

BananaStamper said...

Ummmm, these look so good and such great photos too!

Happy Holidays!