Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Steals 'n deals

I have a lot of stuff at my house so I usually make what I have work and I don't do a whole bunch of shopping but I did get in some good thrifting lately! Check out my awesome finds:

I bought this for my friend's daughter - and does it matter she's only 7 weeks old? Ummm no. - it was $1.99. One ninety nine for this gorgeous hardback with beautiful pictures interspersed and those ruffled page edges that make it look old. Fabulous! I already knew the book was fabulous because I own this exact copy and although it was a gift I know it cost considerably more than two bucks because it came from The Hen's Tooth.

My next find was this lovely jar:

Which is funny considering this week's Trash to Treasure projects over at Reinvented have to do with this very thing. But I cannot lie...it came with the chalkboard section already on it. It was $3.99 and I did this with it:

Treats for the dog obviously! Not for people, or children...unless you are really hungry. I also learned that my handwriting skills with chalk needs some serious work.

My huge steal of the week was this sweater:

I know that buying a sweater in the middle of summer probably wasn't my most genius plan ever, but it does have shortish sleeves (they stop at the elbow) and I LOVE the color and it will be a great transition piece into fall. Plus it's really soft! And...

so how could I resist right? (and now you all know I like silly movies)

The best part? I paid:

And it still had the original tags on it.

Wanna see?


EverImprovingMe said...

that was one of my favorite books as a child!

Jade said...

Great finds! The sweater will be perfect for you.

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

That sweater was a steal!!

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give to kids and my favorite gifts my kids get. There is just something timeless about books.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

These are all great finds! Sweet deals always perk us up, don't they!?

the ungourmet said...

Those are good deals! Pretty sweater!

I love that movie. :0)