Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas in July

You have no idea. I used to freak out when I heard that saying because I am a sunshine girl and to imply that we needed Christmas (which in Oregon means cold and wet) during our few dry months sent me over the edge. Mostly it annoyed me when car dealerships and other weird businesses did it. But when a crafter says it I totally understand! I started my Christmas projects in October last year and that was not. enough. time. Seriously.

So far this summer I've already purchased several Christmas gifts on etsy (doing my part to support handmade!) but I should probably get cracking on stuff I'm making. Thanks to Missie, I'm getting it done! This week is the Christmas in July blog party over at Crafting with Cat Hair!

See my project? Like it? What, you can't see it? Squint a bit. A little more. Now close the other eye. Get really close to the monitor.

Okay it's not here. But I'm working on a few and will have them up ASAP. I've been taking care of people's animals while they are all on vacation so I'm spending most of my time running around to different houses and scratching heads and bellies. But I will get my WIPs (works in progress) posted in time for the party. I think.

In the meantime, here are some projects I found over at Folding Trees last year and fell in love with and since they are all made out of paper they are totally affordable!

Origami Christmas Tree

Gift card box

Quilled snowflake

Poinsettia pinwheel


the ungourmet said...

I guess I had better scour my house for pennies so I can do some shopping!

I wish the weather in December was like the weather in July!

Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

Thanks for playing along, Molly!

That poinsettia pinwheel is too cute, and the quilled snowflake I've got on today's post. Great minds think alike. :)