Saturday, October 10, 2009

A handmade Halloween

I've been having a ball finding the cutest Halloween things on etsy. I just love to see what this fabulous group of creative people can come up with. Click on the item title to be taken straight to their shop.

Mary Lou at the ever delightful House of Whimsy blog made this darling pendant necklace.

Missie Zee at the Crafting with Cat Hair blog made this Poisonberry Tart and Tea set - cute and wicked at the same time!

Vanessa of the magical A Fanciful Twist blog designed these potion labels.

The Holiday Queen Melissa Valeriote has an entire Fantastical World of Holidays shop now full of Halloween goodies like this beautiful wooden ornament featuring the silhouette of a winter tree.

I just love everything at the tinybeardk shop - like these darling paper ornaments.

Barbara Sculati (one of my fave designers from Decorating Cents [RIP]) created this stunning velvet handbag.

The Meenas Magickals shop sells perfume oils in a variety of intriguing fragrances such as this Carnival of Ghosts. Listen to this description of the scent: This bottle contains the essence of old ghosts holding a carnival at dusk. It begins with nostalgic glimpses of pumpkins and kettle corn and slowly reveals whispers of apples, pumpkins, licorice, freshly turned soil, and a cauldron of witches brew.

The meekssandygirl shop is selling these crocheted "vampire bite" necklaces - haha! I love it! And when Halloween is over you can wear it to see New Moon.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The velvet bag is amazing! My sister would go NUTS over that! Love all the holiday things! So many talented people making beautiful things!

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Oh I just love Halloweeny treats! That wooden tree piece in particular is just wonderful!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Gotta love Etsy! I am always amazed at the unique finds - talented people - and we can find it all right from our home!

Alicia said...

Hi Molly. I recently found your blog and love it. I love to see all the etsy many creative people in the world! I just recently started my own blog and thought I would pass it on and let you check it out. The address is Any feedback would be much appreciated. Have a great week!

maggiegracecreates said...

Good morning Molly. I love the tree ornament and the vampire bite necklace. Thanks for the pointers to so many talented people. Also - I'll make a runby and see Alicia's new place. Have a great week.