Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Fall

I don't know what my deal with music is lately but as soon as I typed that title I had this song stuck in my head. Heh heh, bet you weren't expecting that one were you?

Actually all day I've been editing photos, editing a book and listing goodies in both my etsy shops and I've been stuck, absolutely stuck, on this song. I think it's the weather and it just seems to fit the mood of the day. And now you know how eclectic my music taste is. :)

What have I been listing? Well things I made that didn't go to good homes at the holiday bazaar. Like these gift tags found here.

Or these winter berry earrings.

And The Secret Garden necklace. I just love that story, don't you?

And like I said, I did get a few photos taken of our two fall extremes - oddly warm and dry and the much more typical storming and wet. :) Go ahead and listen to that second song I mentioned while you check these out and it will give you a feel for my day.

A moment of sunshine amid the showers.
Storm clouds and mustangs (my closest neighbors).

The fiery lace leaf maple.

And the beautiful old oak.

I'm waiting for one last piece of my Halloween get-up and then I'm ready to be a Jem girl - are you ready? Is the house decorated to perfection and the party planned? Bowls of treats for the little ones waiting?


shari said...

those tags are drooley rich!! i love them!! i'm ready, ready, ready for halloween!!! can't wait to see the adorable children in their costumes!!! and drink cider. yeah.

Anonymous said...

All very nice Molly!

Mon Cheri said...

Love those pumpkins you painted. What a fun idea! Also your photos. The one of the oak tree is magnificent!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Wow, really gorgeous photos!