Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A handwritten letter

This week's Living Lovely challenge was to write and send a handwritten letter. Handwritten? Gasp! This was actually one of my very first topics when I started this blog last winter. You can read my Gone Postal post here (and do not worry, there is no violence involved in the post.)

There's something so special about a handwritten note - like you a get a little piece of the person with it. For this occasion I dug out my box of brass-tipped pens and fancy bottles of ink.

But ended up using this lovely bottle of blue ink that I found at Goodwill of all places.

Along with a couple sheets of parchment paper from this pad with lovely herb garden knowledge on the margin.

And I decided I should write in cursive just seemed like the thing to do. And I know I mentioned in my post the other day about how I haven't written cursive since about fourth grade so when I wrote my greeting and it came out looking exactly like my grandmother's handwriting I thought that was a little strange.

This kind of pen and ink writing was surprisingly easy once the tip stayed moist. I decided to send a letter to my friend who lives many hours away and I don't get to see very often.

And what letter of this sort would be complete without a seal?

I had a lot of fun with my letter writing despite the fact that spelling seems to go out the window when cursive writing comes in - I think it's more likely that my pen just gets to scrolling along and runs away from me. Hmmm. The Tale of the Possessed Pen sounds like something I should start handwriting in prep for Nanowrimo.


Maggi said...

Wow, what a lovely pen and ink set! I tend in write in some sort of print/cursive hybrid. lol I miss writing letters!

Tatieva said...

Oh, quel beau kit de calligraphie !
C'est un plaisir d'écrire à la plume à l'être aimé... Belle tradition...
L'écriture devient raffinée et élégante...
Kisses from France,

Cursive Writing said...

Your writing kit is beautiful! Of course you would have to write in cursive or in some other style of elegant old-fashioned script with such gorgeous pens and paper. I agree with you that it is so special to receive a hand written letter from someone rather than an email or text.

Heidi said...

Love, love, love!! I have a seal and some wax somewhere... gotta dig that out and *use* it. And what an awesome pen and ink set. You really pulled out the big guns. :) I'm guessing your friend will feel really, really special!

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Oh how I love a good hand-written letter! I've tried long and hard to master penning with a quill... It never seems to turn out as pretty as they seem in movies. Yours looks very nice though!

Annette said...

That is so neat! With the advent of emails and text messages, handwritten letters have become less common these days. Thanks for visiting my blog.