Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lucky number 54

Without ANY ado whatsoever...

Congratulations to Suzy from Viva La Yard Sale!

If you e-mail me at mollythepirate@yahoo.com with your address I'll get those vintage gloves send out quick as a wink.

I apologize for getting to the drawing and the posting so late but you would not. believe. the night I had Sunday!* So to make up for it I did retail therapy at the craft store yesterday and spent my evening making cute little goodies for the upcoming bazaars. :)

It's been windy here lately and I've got a project coming up that uses all those twigs going all over my lawn, as well as a perfect use for that empty laundry soap box (I put it in writing, now I have to get it done!)

*In case that piques anyone's interest I was up all night because my cat (who gets to sleep on my bed so the wild critters who go bump in the night won't get her) caught three (three!!!!!!!) mice in my bedroom and kept waking me up crashing into stuff. Where in the world this parade was going or came from I have no idea. No sleep at all, but she is my little hero.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Congrats to Suzy!

And, ew!
Mice?! In your BEDROOM?!
Thank God for the kitty!!!!