Friday, February 19, 2010

Clockwork Heart

Do you ever clean out your blog photo folders and go, heyyyyy I never posted that.
That's what I was doing this morning. :)

Clockwork Heart is actually the title of a book by Dru Pagliasotti (click here to visit the link on amazon) that my friend Megan got me for my birthday. I haven't read much in the "steampunk" genre unless you count the classical stuff (i.e. Jules Verne, etc.) but I liked the book!

Clockwork Heart is also the name of a necklace I made, but I already sold it to a very nice person on etsy. By the way, my etsy shop is finally open again since I'm back from vacation.

In any case, that title can also be used for an ornament I made, took photos of, intended to post, and never did. ;)

I bought the glass heart for twenty-five cents at Spencer's Alley. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper in an aged paper look with script print small enough to lay flat against the back of the heart. Trying to glue stiff paper around a curve is not advisable, hence the small heart. All it really needed to do was add a bit of interest to the background.

I adhered a vintage clock gear to the front using E6000. A little glass gem glued into the center gives it some sparkle and fills in an empty hole.

With a pair of jumprings I attached a clock hand to the top and bent the tip to make a hook.

A little beauty, a little if only I could make it fly or something....

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Maggi said...

Very cool, I am so into using clockworks at the moment! said...

That is really pretty! You did a nice job.

Andy Porter said...

That's so very cool! I love how it looks. You did a fantastic job! If you can make it fly I hope you raise your etsy prices!