Friday, August 6, 2010

The wooded garden

I've been house-sitting this week so I don't have any projects to share (not that I couldn't make stuff, after all I'm staying at this house) but you know me and my camera can't resist taking flower photos. They live on a heavily wooded hillside with lots and lots of ferns, ivy and moss.

But they've made a beautiful series of flower beds.

Plenty of hanging baskets and pergolas with climbing vines.

They have a gorgeous group of phlox that the butterflies are in love with. I think that spider is slightly offended by the intrusion.

Some purple coneflower.

Clematis isn't finished blooming here but it is at my house!

She has a peppermint striped rose - this is the one I made my rose petal jelly from last year when I house-sat for them.

It actually sprinkled one morning. So then I had to take waterdrop photos.

I can't think of what these are called but they have quite a few and they are just lovely.

I like the bark on this tree.

I caught up with another butterfly but look at all the damage to its wings! I kept imagining it saying, "you should see the other guy."

Not sure what this is called either but the butterflies like it too.

A beautiful climbing rose is about to take over the bird houses.

Again, not sure what this one is. Looks like it used to be much more full but right now they look like giant bachelor buttons.

So if you follow me on my facebook fanpage you now know why I can't stop making flower earrings for my shop!

And speaking of earrings I have a wonderful fellow etsian to introduce you to and you have a chance to win some of her beautiful goodies! Come back next week to check it out!

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Kel said...

WoW! Those are great pictures! And your friends have a wonderful yard. How peaceful and relaxing it must be. Swing by Between the Lines tomorrow and join our Spotlight Saturday blog hop if you get a chance.


shari said...

isn't it fun to enjoy other people's gardens? reminds me of a fav poem:
"Nor is the fragrant garden
ever wholly our own...
Over hedge or wall,
and often far down the highway,
it sends a greeting,
not to us alone
who have toiled for it,
but to the passing stranger,
the blind beggar,
the child skipping to school,
the tired woman on her way to work,
the rich man,
the careless youth."
-Louise Beebe Wilder
i'm always peeking into other people's gardens!! thanks for letting me peek into this one!

Dianne said...

Great shots! Just gorgeous! Love the one with the spider and butterfly...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I just love looking at garden photos. I think that beautiful yellow and black butterfly is a swallowtail. We have many of them who visit us each summer, too. Enjoy your weekend! Theresa

Mary said...

Molly, what a lovely spot to spend the week. Your pictures of the property are really lovely and have a sense of serenity about them. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

simpledaisy said... the photos!
What a gorgeous garden:)

Nancy's Notes said...

Fabulous shots of a fabulous and just awesome garden! What a wonderful place to spend some time.

Happy I found your blog.