Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aprons as functional art

I've been staying with a friend for a little over a week. As soon as I walked into her kitchen I spotted her "wall of aprons."

She's taken an awkward, useless wall and turned into great storage and art!

I like how she has her little girl's aprons hanging up too. This one was made by Nana. Actually I think most of these aprons were made by Nana!
My mom made this little purple one.
There are even some aprons that match mommy's! :)

I do love aprons. I tend to get a little excited when cooking certain things. And displaying them/storing them this way means you get to enjoy them all the time!


Megan said...

Cute! :)

I got a beautiful hook to hang my apron on but I cannot figure out ANYWHERE to put it. There aren't actually any walls in my kitchen. Weird, right?

Her Art Nest said...

How clever is this? Beautiful photos and amazing aprons.....very cool! Nan