Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Tale of Two Bags (and two cities)

The bag on the left was my Christmas gift from a friend, the bag on the right is my Christmas gift to said friend. They came from the same etsy shop....let that sink in a minute...

Oh how I LAUGHED to discover we'd gotten each other the same item (essentially) from the absolutely fantastic seller of the Crafty Tokyo Mama shop.

In the background is the bag I got from Janine's shop quite a while ago, I brought snacks and goodies to Friend's house - this bag sees a lot of use! (And don't judge it by this horrible photo, it is a beautiful bag suffering in a bad lighting situation.)

Clear back in May of 2010 I was staying at Friend's house, hanging out in the guest room, browsing etsy and dreaming of a reusable shopping bag that I could fold up and actually remember to take into the store with me. I found Crafty Tokyo Mama and her bags were gorgeous, made of cotton fabric (no weird, crinkly, or lead-laden junk) and rolled up into a super portable size. And since the shipping cost - even from Japan - was perfectly reasonable, I fell in love with the bag. Janine contacted me only to tell me she used to live in my area of Oregon (city one) - to which I stared in dumb amazement at my computer screen! - and is now living in her beautiful Japanese countryside (city two).

Here at Friend's house we are admiring our bags and chuckling at ourselves and I'm thinking it really is a small world after all.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is a hoot! Great minds think alike.

Those bags are sweet. I am going to go check out that etsy shop right now.

Laura said...

How funny! That's how you know you're great friends!

shari said...

what a great story!! and i love all three bags...they are beautiful!

Donna said...

Perfect gifts. So well chosen.
I enjoyed every word of your post!

craftytokyomama said...

This is why I wait to leave feedback until after the holidays; I don't want to spoil any surprises. ;-) Thanks for the shout out! ~Janine