Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DIY and handmade camping with style

Memorial Weekend is fast approaching in the U.S. and that means camping!
Awhile back Rachel at One Pretty Thing posted a "Glamping Roundup" and I read the title thinking, "Whaaaaaaaaat?" I read through and did some research and looked at approximately a billion links. Glamping is something I would totally do as an alternative to a hotel should I need to stay somewhere for a semi-remote wedding or something but I don't think I could really apply it to any of the places I go camping (like the mountains or the desert).

In any case, the retro and colorful-cute side of the glamping totally caught my eye and I did a round up of my own that includes my picks (with links to etsy shops and other retail websites) for supplies that are practical but have a touch of whimsy.

I am pale, pale, pale with blue eyes and sensitive skin so I never go camping - which equals all day outside in the elements - without sunblock. I'm a fan of the J.R. Watkins products. They are nice natural products and a couple in my town sells it so I can support them and get goodies at the same time.

I also take along some of Watkins Petro-Carbo - which I have a travel tin of in my purse at all times.

Washing is always a problem when camping because water needs to be conserved. These super-portable Soap-to-Go from the Suds-N-Such etsy shop keeps things simple.

And since hair washing is usually out, I've tried and really liked the Samy spray "shampoo." (I found mine at Walgreens.)But I've also simply used a travel container size of baby powder. It absorbs oil, makes your hair smell less gross and, though it makes your hair a little lighter and powdery, will eventually blend in.

Or if you're into a more natural option I found this hair powder which you can find in the Feather Heart Flower etsy shop.

Scented liquid lotions can cause two problems: the scent attracts bugs and the liquid can spill out mid-travel (voice of experience). I found these unscented lotion sticks in the Coquette Bath etsy shop.
Hate going make-up free even while camping? I absolutely adore the Tinted Love lip balm from the Bunny Butt Apothecary.
I also like the newish Avon Magix products - so soft and smooth! It comes tinted or not tinted and even has a little SPF.
Also, if you're camping somewhere hot, use an insulated bag to keep your beauty products from melting. I bought one from Avon a few years back, but one intended for lunch goodies would work too!

Don't just make yourself pretty while camping - make your campsite pretty too! This adorable fabric bunting is from the Hollie Lollie etsy shop.

Sure we do lots of activities when camping but there's lots of down-time as well. Take along some crochet needles in a roll-up case (pattern here) and crochet yourself a hat to cover up your unwashed hair. :) Hat pattern by Joo Joo Bees etsy shop.

Or crochet a cute edge on your cute pillowcase - or just buy one already made from A Sentimental Journey etsy shop.

What about the inevitable laundry? Keep it contained with this laundry bag by the Jenni 20 etsy shop.
Or try this clever idea from Martha Stewart.

Let's not forget the important stuff! I would love to buy some plain metal tins and label them with these colorful and whimsical labels from A Fanciful Twist (also available in black).
We use a pretty unsightly folding table but we could make it cute (and clean!) by using a vintage tablecloth. Check out thrift stores, garage sales or etsy shops. This one from Patina Vintage etsy shop.

Or this one from Fuzzy Lizzie.

After the coffee's made (we have an old percolating pot - I just love listening to it in the morning!) keep it hot and share-able in a vintage carafe like this one from Myra Melinda etsy shop.

And if you're planning an afternoon away from your campsite, pack snacks and sandwiches into these reusable bags from The Rick Rack Queen.

And when eating in the evenings don't forget to light a citronella candle to keep the mosquitos away. This one is from the Lilac Ave. etsy shop.

Well I don't know about you, but I have a lot if camping prep to get going in order to make me a happy camper. :)

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Pine Tree Home said...

Thanks for all those great ideas and fav is the lip gloss.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love vintage linens! Thanks for the links and the products at the beginning of the post! Great info! Great post! ♥

Uncovered Ruby said...

Ok, I had no idea there was such a thing as spray shampoo..I'm going to have to check that out. We love going camping too, but I really dislike that campfire smell in my hair, does that stuff help? I'm getting excited to start planning our first trip too!! We just bought a truck and I'd looooove to find a cute vintage little pull trailer (I'm past wanting to sleep in a tent, on the ground!).
Lisa :-)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Cool products! I want the lip gloss:) said...

Ooh I love your picks! Glamping with you would be a blast!