Monday, May 17, 2010

How I did it: little girl's first birthday

Whew the birthday part is over and it was a success! I felt like I was running around to get decorations completed on time but it was really a lot of fun.

I've been seeing pennant/bunting style banners all over the place and wanted to try one. The theme was lavender and pink and, borrowing from my mom's and Judy's stash of fabric (and using Martha Stewart's template) I cut 13 triangles using the pinking blade rotary cutter. That way I wouldn't have to worry about fraying or adding another layer to the back. I'm lazy when it comes to sewing, what can I say? :)

Now for the hard part. I needed a binding and I needed to sew it together. If I shared some of the sewing machine stories I had, you would completely understand why I don't like to sew. So I did what anyone would do in this situation: I asked my mom. :)
She has a super nice Bernina and I think she was glad to have an excuse to use it.

Originally I had plans to cut some fabric letters to spell out "happy birthday" on the banner, but I got to thinking that, since this is fabric and reusable, maybe she'd like to use it for a tea party someday or maybe she'd like to hang it up in her room after the party. That in mind, I used my scallop circle punch to cut some white paper which I stamped. Then I Scotch taped them on. You couldn't even tell they weren't permanently fastened. Total easy fix.
Using the same scallop circle punch and my larger smooth circle punch I cut pink and lavender paper and embossed the birthday girl's name using some "Vintage Rose" Distress Ink embossing powder.

I punched holes in each side using a regular old hole punch and ran ribbon through the holes. Super easy and I already had all the supplies.
On pretty much every party website and blog I've ever seen in the history of ever they are making the tissue poms and they look so fantastic. I knew a frilly girl's party wouldn't be complete without them. I used some leftover floral wire I had sitting around and I made a little noose looking loop so I'd have an easier time hanging them with the fishing line.

For the how-to, I used Martha's instructions here. Mine didn't turn out as well as hers. My cousin Mario helped me with them and mine didn't turn out as good as his either. I'm a failure at poms? Good grief!
The other dangles in the window were made using more ribbon-on-hand and some pretty paper cut out with my paper punches and layered. These seem to be popular in party decor as well. They are so simple and I really liked the extra touch they added to the window.

I also found out by accidentally gluing my hair into one of them that tiny paper punches can be glued back to back in your hair and they totally stay as long as you don't yank on them. :)

I also put together a couple of dishes made from dollar store stuff because I've seen it done everywhere and just really wanted to try it. For some reason my dollar stores (yes every single one in my area) hate me and don't sell the same stuff they appear to sell in every other state and I had to make do with these.
The birthday girl's mom bought dishes at Ross and Dollar Tree to use for platters and bowls and I brought along the cake plate I scored in a garage sale free box along with the candy dishes I made.

You can see the name banner on the wall along with some extra circles I punched out of leftover paper and simply Scotch taped to the wall (by making it double sided and sticking it to itself, I didn't leave the tape visible. Just had to clarify that)

Aside from the Snowballs and the foil wrapped candy my friend made all the food - meringue cookies made with food coloring, popcorn balls colored with strawberry and grape Jell-O. Cupcakes she made and frosted by colorinng white canned frosting, and the candy-dipped pretzels she made using colored candy melts. Lots and lots of pretzels.

Of course we had goodies left over and since I stayed a few extra days to clean up (and to have fun and visit) there was much sampling of the leftovers. So much so that I was inspired to make a little drawing.

All in all - this was a pretty inexpensive and easy party that was handmade but I think it came together fabulously. And when we took it all down, all the decorations were perfect to put up in the little girl's room - now she can look at the pretties (which she kept pointing at with enthusiasm) every day.

For more detailed pictures of all the pink and lavender goodness, see yesterday's Mosiac Monday post.

My decor and the sweet birthday girl even got photographed by Ober Digital Media. Check out the photos here.

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