Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 out of 10 - Ten Days Challenge

Today marks the halfway point on the ten day challenge. So how am I doing? Well I've done 5 out of 10 so I'd say pretty good!

I planted my sweet pea seeds in a strawberry pot on the porch. There's a metal post there that I want them to grow up and man have they taken off!

Personally I love that dog hair dangling off the plants to the left *eyeroll* - the dog got a haircut and a bath yesterday for this reason. Hey and those weren't even on my list! What an overachiever. ;)

Another of my tasks was to "rescue my herb garden." Rescue it from vetch and oregano gone wild! I like full gardens but this was ridiculous! My lavender was getting choked out, and you could hardly tell where one herb ended and another began.

I added some square bricks to use as stepping stones when I need fresh herbs but I've watered the garden. I also added a little statuary just for fun. :)

Below is just one of the piles I took out of there. There were so. many. weeds.

I've also done my Mad Tea Party post which was the last post written. I organized my photos (more on that later) and I turned my desk into my craft station instead of "pile it here if you don't know what to do with it." - I'll show photos of that when the challenge is complete.

How are you doing with your tasks?


theUngourmet said...

Looks good, Molly! I love sweet peas! I wouldn't even have notice the doggy hair. ;) Today I helped to spread bark dust, bought some flowers to plant, painted some more trim in my house, baked a cake and did some laundry. What a full day!

Pine Tree Home said...

UHG, weeds! But making the bed beautiful is what it is all about. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I need you to come over and help me! My yard looks like disaster and you have a mighty fine green thumb. :) Everything looks great!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

UGH..we weeded our garden this weekend too. That's is the worst part of having a garden! Off to read your last post!!

cherry said...

Weeds, weeds, weeds and more weeds is what I have around here these days.. Maybe after I complete the 10 in 10 I will get started on cleaning out my gardens .. Great job!
hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Kelly @ Lucy's Daughter said...

Wow, you did a lot of weeding! I would have quit after about 2 minutes...which is why I don't have a garden, I just have a dead plant in my dining room window.
Can't wait to see the rest of what you've done!

Tammigirl said...

I love your beautiful herb garden. Color me green with envy.

Congratulations on getting the 10 in ten partially tackled.