Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas decorating outside

If you visited my blog in early June you may have seen [this post] about trying to make my outdoor entry more clear and inviting.

Now that winter is here my herbs in the planter box and plant stand are hibernating (ie gone or drooping sadly) and I've got the vent stuffed with old jeans to keep out the cold. Classy.

I never get rid of the branches that have to be inevitably cut from the Christmas tree. Instead I put them to good use as greenery around the house and even outside the house.

I am still in desperate need of a chalk pen but to be fair on my handwriting that old chair back is an incredibly rough surface to write on.

I stuffed clipped branches and some ivy I trimmed off into the pot that normally holds chives and oregano. This way I can just pull them out and toss them when my herbs perk up and start growing this spring.

These branches hide the jeans-stuffed vent just wonderfully! The stag creature is a tea lite holder and I'll add one the night of the Christmas party for extra warmth and pretty.

Christmas tree branches even fill up the flower box and hide my bare dirt while the oregano sleeps.

So don't get rid of those trimmed tree branches - you never know where you can use them!


colorchic said...

Molly I'm a bit behind in stuffing every container outside with branches... it's something I usually do every year and just haven't gotten around to. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Have a Merry Christmas, enjoy every minute! It's fun to meet a local blogger thanks for visiting Color Chic!

cat said...

I was ALMOST awesome with creativity this year. The branches we ended up having to cut from the tree this year were so lovely I saved them outside, ready to tie together with a bow and figure out how to hang them from my front door. It was cold, but snowless the Sunday and then the Monday - BLIZZARD TO WELCOME WINTER IN! And my branches got burried under 2 feet of snow and then under the snow shot from the plow. I will likely see them again in May. Sigh.