Thursday, December 2, 2010

My L'Amour haul

After [this] recent post about my amour for L'Amour, the man that started it all brought me two grocery sacks stuffed full of books to add to my collection.

This necessitated some moving around on the bookshelf - which really needed it anyway. I am such a book nerd though! I LOVE re-arranging a book shelf.

So the second shelf is now all L'Amour, all the time.

You can see how the right side is stacked and stacked in every way I could think to fit them all in (left side is a series, you see why I can't mess that up). Thing is, I don't think I'm even close yet, to having every book the man wrote.

And no bookshelf of mine goes undecorated. Here I've added a photo of my grandfather from whom I got my other copies of L'Amour. I added some old bottles and keys he and my grandmother found in the desert. Some rocks I've collected, an old magnifying lens in a protective case and some Queen Anne's lace I dried over the summer.

I once asked a friend if she knew anyone who decorated their bookshelves with items that had to do with the book title's topics. She said, "Yeah." I was surprised, "You do?" "Uh-huh. You." Ha. Ha.

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Dianne said...

My favorite is "Haunted Mesa."