Wednesday, March 9, 2011

80's Rewind

Yesterday I mentioned I've been digging through boxes and trunks looking for something to add to a project. During that process I've run across some amusing items that I've hung onto over the years. For instance a box full of pin-back buttons. Can you tell by these four when I started the collection?

I'm sure that Ewok baby is supposed to be cute but it is creeping me right out.

Unless you're a native to the Pacific Northwest this one will be a bit confusing. This fast food place utilizes local seasons to offer treats made from all local produce and during the late 80's or early 90's used this to market a fish sandwich. Hardy-har-har.


In the late 80's my dad went on a business trip to Japan and brought back some goodies carried in this bag. I have managed to have it squirreled out of the way all these years and enjoyed seeing it again.

Look at all this awesome technology! ;)

(click the image to enlarge if you need an even better view of these awesometown goodies)


kristin said...

I LOVE finding old things like this! I recently found my collection of POGS! I was so excited! I love that pac man pin though!

Anonymous said...

Hang on to that bag. Collectors will LOVE it! It's a little piece of history. (And Yodobashi has the ugliest bags now...not cute like this one!)