Thursday, March 24, 2011

The vintage pearl clutch

I would quite like to know where this week went. I have been doing the deep spring cleaning and getting rid of all sorts of things. Taking everything apart and dusting and re-organizing. Feels kinda good actually but it sure makes the time fly! I did find something I'd been looking for. My mom gave this clutch purse to her mom and then later in life her mom gave it back as a "remember when" gift. My mom then gave it to me....oh years ago. It is so lovely.

The zipper is even decorative.

All these little faux pearls are stitched on.

I found this hankie inside. I wonder how long it has been there?

Since my mom gave it to me - and probably before that - the purse has been stored in this greeting card box (and it looks like my aunt scribbled all over it when she was little, tee hee!)

What I want to know is - for all occasions? What occasion calls for fruit with faces? Just wondering...

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, the bag is gorgeous! What a treasure! ♥

Sara Shoemaker said...

Ok can I have that clutch?? haha jk. But really. love it!!!!
I would add a cute flower pin on one of the top corners and wear it out! :)