Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bookmark storage

Hurray! I accomplished something crafty - other than jewelry making - this week!

This sort of project always comes about because the need is there. I saved this tin after I drank the last of the tea this winter. I only drank it during winter because this tea was so amazing (and called winter fruit blend) and I wanted it to last. I admit, I cried a little when it was gone and stubbornly used the last bits of it even though it was way too small for my tea strainer and filled my cup with tea leaves. *sigh*

Still...the tin smells amazing! And the paper label peeled right off, thank goodness!

I raided my paper stash and discovered this cute blue and brown polka-dot. I measured around my tin, cut my paper to width and glued it on with a light amount of regular white glue applied with a small, old, ratty paint brush. White "school glue" generally washes right out but why risk ruining a nice brush, right?

The bottom lip is black and could be left alone and to get it to fit at the rounded top, I actually cut my paper short so the top is left uncovered. It makes the paper fit better and you really don't even notice it since the tin is silver and goes well with the pale blue.

As you can tell I so needed something to store my bookmark collection. Even my wider ones fit and I can dangle the string kind out to see one side. Perfect and it takes up much less room than the box I was considering.

Now back to my cleaning and organizing...

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Kristen said...

Those poor bookmarks. Here they thought they'd get to spend their days sandwiched between the pages of musty old books and instead are displayed as an eye-catcher in a tea tin. Apparently you need a few more books to read. :)

Audrey said...

That is so ingenious! Oh and by the way, Delicately Fierce sent me! :D