Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage accessories - scarves & sunglasses

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Accessories are probably the easiest vintage items to find and to incorporate into your modern fashion. Well...mostly. I think people might notice that these are vintage...

My cat's eye rhinestone glasses I bought at a flea market (that is really a horrible name for a place to buy things, isn't it?) years ago. I have frequently worn these. My graduating class in high school decided to wear sunglasses while we were walking in and guess which sunglasses I chose to wear? :)

This pair used to belong to a relative and everyone knows I love old stuff so I ended up with them.

And they are even still in their original case!


I bought this case at a garage sale and when I was going through a "phase" I decoupaged and antiqued it. Whatever I still like it.

Because I put funny little images like this on it. :)

But INSIDE resides my collection of scarves - not the winter wear kind but the nice weather kind.

Flimsy fabrics in bright colors.

Okay this one isn't vintage but it's meant to look vintage.

Tiny faux pearls on...

...super thin gauzy fabric.

Perfect for wearing like this:

Which I used to do all. the. time.

Ask anyone I went to high school with, they'll tell you I was different. :)

I occasionally still wear these and they are perfect for pulling out to wear to the car shows. Like this car show we were at in the photo below. That's 15 year old me on the left making a super intelligent face. See how I wear the scarf in the ponytail?

The back of my cousin's head. Also a way to wear a scarf in the hair. I have no idea how she did that.
And my friend Megan sporting the cute neck scarf.

I'm a little frustrated and saddened by the fact that I can't find any fun tutorials on how to tie scarves because I was expecting to link to a few. I'll ask my mom (since she lived it) and maybe I'll do a tutorial post of my own!

Come back tomorrow for more vintage goodness!


Megan said...

Now I'm craving super-greasy cruise-in fries! :)

It's funny, actually -- just yesterday I was looking at a picture of us that day in our poodle skirts. Haven't thought about it in years, and now twice in one week! Maybe it's a sign that we should wear our scarves and skirts and hit the town for some fries when I'm back visiting in June, right?

planettreasures said...

What fabulous glasses! - such style - bring them back, I say!

planettreasures said...

forgot to say - congratulations! I am bestowing on you the Awesome blog award.
You can read about it here -

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun post...and great memories! I have an old overnight case that looks very much like yours! It's one of the few things I have from...the past! lol ♥