Thursday, June 9, 2011

Office organization solutions from my barn

I'll blame Donna and her amazing junked office space.
Then I'll blame my pen holder. I hated it. Hated it so much I don't even have a "before" photo. It was too big, too tall, too varied in size from bottom to top. Okay it was a painted terra cotta pot. They are great for many things and holding pens isn't one of them.

However, this little bucket works just great. AND it goes with my rustic farmhouse style office. The floors are hardwood original to the house. The ceiling...

Is also wood!

The walls are the same green as a copper patina.

When I realized how badly I needed desktop file storage, and how awesome Donna's was, and how I had two plant hangers that were one step from the thrift store if I couldn't find a spot for them, and how they perfectly go with the green walls...

And why does every store suddenly do away with pretty file folders when I go to do this project?

So those two were what started this whole thing. Like the pen holder, I didn't take a single before photo of my office makeover because honestly...even if I had...I wouldn't have shown you. It was that bad. Clutter like you wouldn't believe!

With these two free storage solutions I still needed a little more to help out. This wooden crate I found in my barn.

A vacuuming, wipe down and newspaper in the bottom and it holds phone books, catalogues, and paperwork waiting to be filed. The wire basket was also a find and holds mail waiting to be sorted.

 With no clutter all over the desk it's amazing how neat things look.

I'm also working on making a new mouse pad because I absolutely hate this one.
The computer wallpaper is a photo I took at The Oregon Garden.

Because you see the back of the computer - and therefore all the wires - when you walk into the office, I used an old window shutter to hide the mess.

I can also use the slots between each of the shutter's blinds to hold photos and notes.

The closet had sliding doors and it was impossible to get anything of size in or out. These curtains (hemmed pieces of un-bleached muslin) were actually made for another door one house ago so they are getting repurposed here to hide the amazing way I stacked a ton of stuff into this closet. Putting them on clip rings that slide means it opens quickly and easily.

I love these old staplers. Especially that one in front.

I also love the old, wooden office chair. However, it is both too short for this desk and doggone hard on the backside so some cushions - the top in a lively gingham - make it cushy and farmhouse chic.

There are still a few areas here that need serious work and I am still lacking shelving or bookcases but I have some ideas for that...involving the wood from the corral that had to be torn down...

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Dayhomemama said...

I love the vintage mixed in with the modern, I want that stapler!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

LOVE your file folder! That looks awesome! You've soared over my version. :) Nicely done! And man... I've got that same shutter, how cool! :)


Debra said...

Great ideas! Love the shutter especially.