Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transition week - strawberries and books and movies, oh my.

My mom bought me a gift the other day - she found this lonesome beauty at a thrift store - isn't it lovely?

I'm house-sitting  for some friends while they go to a wedding in England and there's been a lot of this:

These strawberries have such sweet flavor!

And after driving my friends to the airport yesterday I am busy trying to catch up on blog business after being "offline" a few days.

And since the Mr. friend was gifted the entire Horatio Hornblower movie series right before he left I get to enjoy them while they are gone. I already own them but on VHS so I don't have all the fun features these came with. If you haven't seen the films I highly recommend them.

Oh yes. And I'm taking the opportunity - since the weather is crummy - to try and link my blog and shop visually. If things keep changing, I apologize for the inconsistency but I sometimes have to change things around a lot until I'm happy. For the time being. ;)


emma wallace said...

Oh, Mr. Hornblower is quite as delicious as those strawberries, I think! Sounds like a wonderful week!

Sara Shoemaker said...

mmmm..Jane Eyre and strawberries. sounds like a lovely time. I should whip out some of my favorite books! great for summertime.

The House of Shoes

kathy said...

I'm guessing you've read the Patrick O'Brian series as well?