Wednesday, November 16, 2011

By hook or by crook

It's Jill's fault but I suddenly decided I wanted this cowl and to get it I must learn how to crochet. Thankfully there was a crochet-along for it and I was actually able to complete this project despite deciding to change quite a bit about the pattern. Why do I do that to myself when I'm trying to learn something?!

I've been wanting to learn crochet for about two years but it took something like wanting a new accessory and not wanting to spend any money on it to really motivate me.

The pattern for this is actually free on the Lion Brand website and once I started looking around, discovered they have tons of awesome free patterns. Most of my yarn is Lion Brand (I'm kindof in love with their Wool-Ease and Homespun yarns since way back in my knitting days). I also spent two whole days on Ravelry favoriting free patterns for items I will spend considerable frustration on while trying to learn.

Thankfully the internet is full of bloggers and youtubers with all kinds of help. Maybe Matilda, Crochet SpotCrafty Minx and Bethintk1 were all superbly helpful.

So far I've really only managed to crochet this cowl. Everything else I've ripped out several times to start over. In fact I decided I need to maybe start smaller and am working on some spa cloths. But soon, all those patterns lovingly filed away with dreams and stars in my eyes will soon be easy to make. I hope.

P.S. Can I complain a moment about new crochet hooks? Up until now I've only used vintage and they have a completely different weight, finish and feel to them. It's the same company too; so disappointing. Am now really sad garage sale season is over.


shari said...

mmmm... so warm and purply!! looks so comfy and warm! i tried crochet once and all i made were a few doilies... happy crocheting to you!

Kristin said...

Very cute! :) I decided several months ago that I wanted to learn to knit, so I've been trying that (I considered it for months, telling myself I didn't need a new hobby, but finally gave in). I really love it!

I have a crochet book and hook as well and want to try that sometime. But right now I'm focused on knitting. :)


Jill said...

Way to go Molly!!! It turned out so well! I love the color. I'm glad to have inspired you :)

kathy said...

I have tried to crochet but I am always dropping or adding stitches (somehow?) when I turn a row. Knitting comes more intuitively.

You are right about vintage crafting tools. I think that is why I go to so many garage sales/rummage sales - to collect older tools.