Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Old suitcases make a great show display

The last weekend in October I packed up my bits o' shine and headed to Bauman's Farm for a vendor event. They put us in an empty greenhouse with an apple tasting booth (and lots of corn stalks) so we got to stay dry and still had a lot of people walking through.

When plotting how to display my wares I wanted something with a vintage look. And by using an old suitcase I had, it worked as my display and carried all my display items!
I had a bracelet display but only two bracelets, instead I removed the foot off the base and stuck the stand into this candlestick - it was then the perfect height to display necklaces.

I still have no business cards *hangs head in shame* so I made these with the key stamp that comes on the box when you order from my etsy shop and had my shop address on the back. A few people were tickled by the fact that I am a "pirate.

The suitcase lining had a stain on the pocket so I covered it with this doily. And you thought I was just trying to make it look pretty! ;)

Strands of jute string in two levels allowed me to display most of my earrings at a height that was easy to see.

I had a great time selling (and spending money at the vendor next to me - cute fabric pumpkins and cup cozies!) and chatting with lookers and buyers. Even got a chuckle out of the chicken who kept coming into the building to find dropped bits of apple.

All in all - a success!


cat said...

Wow. If you sold things in person anywhere close to me, I'd have no money for food or mortgage -- I'd buy EVERYTHING! *drools*

Jill said...

Molly! Your whole display looks so good, and I LOVE the suitcase! The doily is an amazing detail, and so useful too :)

shari said...

looks like you had great fun!! every day "at work" should be so fun! your display looks gorgeous and i too LOVE that you're a pirate!! you have a great sense of humor that always makes me laugh. thank you, dear!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Sure wish I could have been there. Your booth is just heavenly. I like the color coordination and vintage look. Hope you sold oodles! (Be sure to tell us about your next show *beforehand* so my folks can stop by!)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Your display looks wonderful, great job!

kathy said...

I was over (visiting) at the Beavercreek Elementary School bazaar last Saturday. Full of vendors tucked into nooks and crannies of hallways that circle around back to - did I start here? moments.
Can you post any other shows you are doing this season?

kathy said...

You have a stunning display. Getting vertical space is hard to create.