Monday, November 14, 2011

This little light of mine

My brother gave me a flashlight for Christmas. He's a gadget and flashlight guy so he knows what is what and what he got me was a Coast L7.

And I haven't gone anywhere without it since. Going shopping? It's in my purse. Going camping? It's in my pack (or pocket). Am I coming to visit / house-sit for you for a week? I've got it with me.
Here's why.

Firstly, it's of a size that is easy to carry. It's about the same size as my phone, my wallet, and the case for my glasses so really it fits in my purse perfectly.

I left a friend's house one night to find another friend changing her tire in the dark. Flashlight to the rescue! Last night my cat wouldn't come inside and the owls were close - flashlight to the rescue! My friend had a noise in her heat vent - flashlight to the rescue!

This light isn't like those even tinier ones at the store that have a jillion LED's inside that seem bright. Nope, this one has just one LED.

The front twists to have a narrow beam or a wide beam - or anywhere in between.

It has an easily pushed grippy button that has never pushed accidentally but is always quick and easy to turn on.

They have actually updated this model and my mom has the new one so I borrowed it for comparison. (Top new, bottom mine)

Like I mentioned earlier I've had my light a year next month and I have never changed the batteries on this little light that has just one LED. Let's take a look at how it functions in pitch black.
For my night shots I used the narrow beam. I can't tell you how many times I have to go out at night to see what in the world is making that noise. And the narrow, intense beam will show me exactly what is out there.

This is with a year old battery. A new battery does even better.

Zoomed out, old flashlight.

Zoomed out, new flashlight.

Here's the tree in daylight to give you an idea of how far away I was standing when using the light.

Impressive right? I don't have to leave the relative safety of my deck to see what kind of critter shenanigans are occuring in the trees surrounding my yard. When it is dark and there are hair-rising sounds, these are the kinds of things you appreciate.

I've even used this light as an impromptu highlighter for taking indoor photos of my DIY project during the dark days of winter.

Thing is, this is the best flashlight I've ever owned. It's easily carried and goes everywhere with me. It actually sits on my nightstand every night in case of power outages or to see if there are creepers in your house (special thanks to my brother for agreeing to be my model creeper). I don't live near any streetlights and this was taken with not a single house light on.

(forgive the wreck that is my living room, am in the middle of painting)

I love that the company is local to me and that they have product of such great quality that I can, without hesitation, recommend. Get this light, you will thank me.

**I've been informed the above link shows the lights as sold out. Am in contact with the company to see where you can purchase. Will update ASAP**


Natalie said...

Oh, yes. Those are one the best. It's almost unbearable to go back to a traditional flashlight when you've had the pleasure of shining one of these!

cat said...

That's a knife your brother's got! He makes a good creeper. Maybe he can add this to his resume? ;)

This sounds like a fantastic flashlight and it it weren't out of stock I might have gotten one for my husband for Christmas. (We have to scan our super tiny backyard for skunks once the sun goes down before we can let the dogs out...)

kathy said...

I think your flashlight would have alerted too many neighbors when I and another neighbor went on a bamboo raid recently. Mine was giving out just enough light to see where to dig.

I'll look into it. It would make a great christmas gift for my daughter.

kathy said...

I followed the (coast)link which directed me to the preferred dealer which has SOLD OUT posted. Would you know where you can buy locally?