Thursday, November 10, 2011

Darling Girl cosmetics

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I follow some makeup bloggers on twitter and there is where I first heard about Darling Girl Cosmetics. Grey also did a post and then Mandy posted a look (and later a swatch post) wearing one of DG's lip colors and I HAD to try it.

Susan, DG's owner occasionally closes her site's cart to catch up on orders and it was one of those times when I was wanting to order my own goodies. I haunted her shop every day just waiting for the second I saw it was up again. It paid off and I even spotted it as up and running before it was announced. Well I was house-sitting so it wasn't like I had a lot going on. I see that look you're giving me.

DG has plans to discontinue sales of sample sizes (as she announced on facebook, twitter or her blog. I've actually forgotten which.) but I got in before that with a sample of Moves Like Mick Jagger and Tragic Romance - both pink shades. I'm trying to see if I can wear a pink shadow and not look like I've been crying. I'll let you know how that goes.

With my order I also received a sample of Polaris and one of Red Butler (from her new Rainbow Brite collection - squee!)

I also ordered a couple petit jars (a great alternative to sample sizes if you're just wanting to try a color). They are gifts so I can't reveal what those looked like or were named, sorry. These mini jars are perfectly sized for someone like me who only wears eye shadow occasionally.

The kicker in this order was the Poison Plum kiss me off tinted lip balm. This was really hard for me to photograph - at sunset - and get the color right so I tried manipulating it to look right and I'm not sure I succeeded. It is a deep purple looking color in the tube and is a perfect plum shade on. It also has a nice golden shimmer to it. It was part of the Halloween collection but it will be perfect for winter holidays too.

I was sent a Halloween package of goodies even though I only ordered one thing from the collection - I thought that was so nice!

And I also got a "gift with purchase" for my order being over a certain amount. Being unfamiliar with Darling Girl I didn't know the requirements for getting it but I met them and was oh so pleasantly surprised to see a petit jar of a pretty eye shadow in my order.

What I really like about Darling Girl is how Susan tries out all her formulas and shades and posts photos of her wearing them so you can really see them in action. However, she has gorgeous, perfect skin and you will hate her but just get over it and order something and maybe it will look that good on you too.

It's obvious she packages her items with care (mine was wrapped in candy corn tissue paper and my candy goods were in a Halloween print cellophane bag.) and she includes an invoice with a nicely written note. As a former teacher I appreciate nice handwriting, what can I say?

When ordering be sure to note the current Turn Around Time (TAT) in her shop header and plan accordingly. Meaning if you want to order gifts, jump on that wagon likerightnow.

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