Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lollipop Lips - Wet 'n Wild Juicy Balm

I'm fairly certain I've shared this song before, but in any case it's what came to mind when thinking about this post so if you want music to listen to while you read, try Lollipop Lips and try not to get it stuck in your head.

Was at the drug store/ variety store the other day and spotted a series of brightly colored lip balms by Wet 'n Wild. This brand has impressed me lately with a few nail polish purchases I've made that have really held up even with my work.
I admit with the balms it was nostalgia that really caught my eye, it looks like something I would have had in junior high.

It's in a giant tube and with fun, bright colors and fruit "flavors" all I could think was how much fun it would be to have this fun smelling balm.

However, the color frightened me a little. Was it going to color my lips? I got to looking at them...there's a bright green seems unlikely they'd make these a tinted balm if one of them was green. Plus it doesn't say they are tinted anywhere on the tube that I can see.

I pulled this out when I needed some moisture on my lips, popped off the cap with gleeful anticipation and....

Yep. These things are tinted.

My reaction was something akin to this:

I honestly wasn't able to wear it long enough to tell if it moisturized or had any other benficial qualities because it looks so hideous on me. I know that some people could easily wear this as a tint...I'm just not one of those people.


shari said...

i would have totally got sucked in by the packaging, too! but i don't do tints well either. bummer. there's got to be some artsy thing to do with it... YOU would be the one who could think something up... best wishes!

Kristy said...

this made me LOL

Gina Luker said...

How funny! Does that color really look good on anyone? Thanks for the laugh this morning :)