Thursday, March 1, 2012

Totally Random Thursday - anti-anti-bacterial

If you're wondering where all these strangely ranty posts are coming from...I have a confession. I logged into my myspace account after an absence of at least 3 years and am stealing them from my first blog posts ever written. Back then I only used that social networking site (which has gotten so difficult to navigate!) but some of them amuse me so I thought I'd add them here.

I took a course called Infectious Diseases (yeah, I really did) and we had a discussion in class one day about soaps that are "anti-bacterial." Why bring it up? Aren't they doing us good? HA! That's what "they" want you to believe.

In all seriousness you have both good and bad bacteria on your hands. The good bacteria helps keep the bad in check, but when you use the anti-bacterial stuff it wipes out the easily killed bacteria leaving plenty of room for the really bad stuff to party.

Doesn't sound like such a good idea now does it Skippy. (question mark omitted for rhetorical questions )

I'm not saying it never has it's place. If I'd been petting rabid monkeys and had no hand-washing station available I'd use it. But I don't use it in my home for anything and you shouldn't either.
If you don't want to take my word for it :

The Biodesign Institute

Gaiam Life
I'm not really sure what spurred this idea to the front of my brain other than the OCD cleaning commercials that are annoying me. I mean, a soap dispenser you don't have to touch to avoid germs? Aren't you going to wash your hands after you touch the soap dispenser?
What things do you like to rant about?


maggielet said...

You are speaking my mind. That particular commercial you mentioned made me roll my eyes too. Don't worry about random "ranty" posts, they are great, they actually were the original purpose of blogging weren't they. (question mark omitted for rhetorical questions lmao). Just keep them coming!

kathy said...

I almost called you today - rummage sale at the church over on 3rd - but I don't have your phone number. I did have a random thought that I might run into you there.

btw, I have not used anti-bacterial soap for years nor do I use liquid soaps. I have been using all my 'artisan' bars of hamdmade soaps up.