Monday, March 5, 2012

More thrifted and recycled bathroom goodies

I needed a soap dish for my facial soap. I've been using a little blue and white saucer but it didn't really go with my aged steampunk direction. I walked to Goodwill again and dug and dug through the dishes. The one near my work is not a large shop and I began to give up that I'd find anything I could use when I spotted a short stack of these little off-white, shallow bowls.

The price sticker was covering the stamp on the bottom but it was only .99 until I realized it was the half price color of the day and I got it for .49 cents. I went home to clean it up, removed the sticker and discovered I had some ironstone!

It does the job perfectly and looks nice (and simple) as well.

Then I needed a solution for my moisturizer. I love Cetaphil but that gigantic blue and white bottle? Not so much. I recently finished using a bottle of organic yummy scented hand soap and it had the perfect "old brown bottle" look. I thoroughly washed the bottle, peeled the label, used some Goo Gone on the residue and transferred my moisturizer.

Granted, when I get a new bottle, this one won't hold all of it, but the look is much more cohesive.

.49 cents and 2.75 new but recycled - my budget barely budged.

See what else I made for my simple steampunk bathroom project. Although I'm starting to wonder if this isn't so much steampunk as just....aged. Oh well, I like both!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that beautiful bowl! That's what I use in my bathroom for soap...and shells! ♥

shari said...

don't you just LOVE Goo Gone?!! how bout some pics of the whole steampunk bathroom?