Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting to know you...I mean me!

Did you ever see The King and I? The musical with Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner? There's a scene where she, as the teacher, is trying to get to know her students (the king's children) and sings a little song "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me..." It's cute!

So I've been tagged by Heather to post a little about myself. How she explained it: The idea behind this tag is to find out more about our blogging buddies by having them list/describe 20 random things about themselves that we don't otherwise know from reading their blog.

Before we get started...

**WARNING** Superfluous personal information dead ahead!

Okay you've been warned. *wink*

Some of these are two for ones!

1. I love old movies! One of my recently discovered favorites is Captain Blood.
2. I name my vehicles. My current vehicle is named James.
3. One birthday I was given a hedgehog as a pet. I named her Gewndolyn and she was great to let loose in the house to eat all the spiders hiding under furniture.
4. I'm a closet history buff. (passed through Montana a couple of years ago and went to Pompey's Pillar and saw William Clark's named carved in the rock - so cool!)
5. I get nightmares from watching Animal Planet (never from scary movies though).
7. I've only been out of the U.S. once and that was to spend two weeks in Israel. Everything was so interesting and beautiful!
8. I love the smell of sagebrush and pine. Juniper is pretty good too.
9. I decided to grow an herb garden after watching (and reading) a bunch of Brother Cadfael.
10. I never fell off the horse I had as a kid. Even though she bucked, reared and we almost got run over by a log truck - somehow I always stayed in the saddle!
11. I LOVE The Gaslight Theatre in Tucson, AZ. I absolutely had the best time and can't wait to go back.
12. My friend Megan used to call me The Spider Queen because large, disgusting spiders seem to find me wherever I am! I have so many horrifying and yucky spider stories!
13. I used to keep a dream journal because my dreams are usually so absurd and bizarre. It's actually quite an entertaining read. (It's good to laugh at yourself!)
14. My dream car is this.
15. I've driven a Pettibone Super 20. (I also spent a summer sanding and painting these machines!)
16. When I was a kid I prayed every night for a baby brother - and I got one! He's six years younger than me.
17. I am just totally freaked out by slugs. Probably because I stepped barefoot on a big one when I was little and it traumatized me.
18. I chopped my hair off two years ago. It took a year of growing and trimming to get it all even and I've been growing it out for a little over a year now. My hair is now about 19 inches long.
19. I took piano lessons TWICE and now I can't even remember how to play!
20. Despite my horrible memory for piano lessons I will inherit a baby grand from my aunt. (Maybe I should give the lessons another try?)


Heather said...

Love the dream car!!

Great list!

B said...

I'm laughing at you (or is it with you) over #17. Yuck, Maybe you could just walk around with a salt lick on each foot?

Island Girl said...

I name my cars also! My current one's name is Pearl!

Stopping by from SITS! Congrats on being Saucy!