Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love magic

Chanel may have her No.5 but love has it's No.9 thanks to The Clovers.*

Give out some potions this Valentine's Day by decorating a glass bottle and filling it with bath oil.

I bought a case of these brown glass bottles at a garage sale for $1.00 (how could I say no to that?) and I still have about a bajillion of them despite how many I've already used. Because of the brown and the antique look of it, I rubbed some distress ink on the label before I decoupaged it. The jute string and antique brass cupid charm complete that old look for it.

But that's just because I had brown to start with!

I'd recommend using a clear bottle. Try staining your label lightly with red for effect and tie on red or pink ribbon.

You can make your own bath oil by mixing a few different kinds of oils like in the instructions here. Or you could just fill the bottle with something nice smelling like coconut oil. A few drops into a bath will really soften the skin.

Feel free to use the image I made for the label, just right click and save to your computer - it may require some resizing, just to warn you.

*I bet you thought I was going to say The Searchers since their version got the song to number 3 on the US charts, but the Clovers were the first to sing it. Personally I like the version Herb Alpert did - it has a lot of sass and swagger to it!

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Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Great project. I love this idea. The jar is so nice and vintage looking too.