Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poetry in motion

The fad may be over but I am still totally in love with magnetic poetry. I remember a professor of mine (a lit and poetry prof. of course!) had some on her office door. I sometimes had two classes in that building close enough together that I could stand there and arrange the little pieces into brilliant prose (brilliant, haha!).

With that as inspiration I came up with an idea that will allow you to be a poet (even though you didn't know it) and yet won't clutter up the refrigerator.

If you care to find your own rocks that could be a fun excursion, but I just bought mine in the floral department of the craft store (I've seen these in non-craft stores as well).

For the words I printed them using a semi-frilly font. I then cut them out with a pair of funky-edged scissors and glued them to the rocks.

If you have skills with penmanship you could just use a Sharpie and freehand the words directly onto the rock.

As to which words to choose? I went with the classic piece by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Print out several lines of the poem or verse of your choice making sure to leave room between the words for cutting. Once the words are adhered to the rocks they can be arranged to say anything (although hopefully it will all be nice stuff!).

Place the rocks in a tray or shallow box. Fill the bottom of your container with luxuriant fabric for a romantic look or sand for a rock garden effect.

Have fun!


Ronnie said...

Sweet blog, Molly!
Now I want a Valentine tree and newspaper hearts!
Thanks for the No. 9!
Found you at poor no mojo B's blog.

Missie Zee said...

What a super cute idea. This would be perfect on my dining room table. I don't think the cats would knock it over.

Christine said...

cute. love your blog! I'm following you...come follow me!