Friday, February 6, 2009

A welcoming heart

My new favorite thing is to decorate doors and doorways because I want them to shout "welcome to my home!" - er...not literally shout of course, that would frighten everyone away, but you know what I mean.

Inspired by maya*made's newspaper heart bunting and CraftSylish's snowstorm I jumbled the two ideas together and came up with a dangling window decoration perfect for welcoming visitors into the heart of the home.

First I had to find newspaper - I don't subscribe to it so I tracked down a county publication letting all county residents know about things going on - search and rescue volunteering, 4-H events, bicycle trails maps, etc. Not exactly romantic, but it works. Using a wee little heart-shaped cookie cutter as a guide, I penciled around the shape and cut them out. Cutting them on a fold would have saved some time, but I didn't remember to try that until I was basically finished! That figures.

Since the paper was lacking in story charm I made a wash using Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint in Tomato Spice mixed with a little water and coated my paper hearts. The papers curled themselves up and uncurled themselves in a very entertaining manner but I made sure to move them around while they were still wet so they wouldn't stick to the grocery ad I was using as countertop protection. My wash came out a little more watery than I intended so I ended up painting on three coats to get the look I wanted.

Since I already had the floss cut to the correct length for the door window from the snowstorm project, I simply removed the white dots and reused the floss from that. Thankfully the dots were super easy to unstick from each other.

I adhered two hearts back to back using regular gluestick glue and making sure the floss was directly in the middle. I tried to space them randomly but it doesn't really look like I succeeded does it?

I'm sorry I can't offer a photo of them when they are put up, but with the window light behind them you will only be able to see dark, vaguely heart-shaped blobs and it's really not very inspiring that way.

On the front of the door I'm hanging this grapevine wreath I've had kicking around here that I tied red and gold ribbon scraps left over from package wrapping at Christmas time. It's a little funky, but it didn't cost anything and I used up some scraps. Plus I love having that splash of color on the door now that the Christmas wreath is gone.

Admittedly it did not take a great deal of thought or effort, but isn't that the beauty of it?
Speaking of wreaths I love this one done by Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick.
Are you doing anything to make your entry welcoming?


Heather said...

Oh love the idea with the hearts! Something my boys would be able to help with.

BTW you've been tagged!!!

Brenda said...

I bet those hearts were like those little Chinese fish you put in your palm! :)

And I don't do random very well either. Symmetry runs in my blood.

Molly said...

Yes absolutely kids could help out with this. Nothing too difficult (or harmful) in this project!
Ooh tagged, I'll check that out!

Yeah random just didn't work. I've trained myself to eyeball straight too often!

sc said...

Wow! Ms. Molly! It's like you are everywhere I go! lol I was so surprised to see a comment from you. Great blog!

Molly said...

Yes Savanah, I am haunting you! Bwahaha! ;)

I found a link to your blog on facebook. Tricksy aren't I? :D

Craft Matters said...

I love those hearts!

Laura said...

holy moley I have the SAME white lotus bowl it's in the shot with all the hearts lined up-hi from sits, Laura