Monday, February 2, 2009

Make someone's morning rosy

Surprise your Valentine with a new take on flowers and chocolate.

A pink (red would work great too!) cloth napkin is folded corner to corner, etc. until the right size for the cup, then rolled to create the "petals" of the bud. Make leaf tags from craft or scrapbook paper and tie on with ribbon. Don't forget to add a message! If you're creating this for friends or family how about a simple "good morning"? If meant for your sweetie add another with "my love" or whatever sobriquet you prefer.

(Speaking of sobriquets I have to insert here, since I mentioned my reading of Nicholas Nickleby, that a dialogue between a husband and wife in that book ended with the husband saying, "what, my essential juice of pineapple?" Haha! How weird is that?)

Remove the napkin and linger over a morning mocha - what better way to tell someone you love them than with some quality time?

I make a simple mocha at home by mixing a packet of hot chocolate with coffee and some vanilla creamer and a shake of cinnamon - easy and delicious.

This idea originated from a page I tore out of a Country Sampler Decorating Ideas magazine years ago. If you don't have time for morning coffee you can always plan this for a lovely dinner instead.


Megan said...

Sobriquet is a cool word. :-)

Jon and I often call each other "Bubaru". Three cookies if you get the reference. "Essential juice of pineapple" is

Molly said...

Hmm. Like SUbaru with an extra ub in there?

Sobriquet is one of those lovely words forever imprinted on my brain thanks to the Amelia Peabody mysteries.