Thursday, December 4, 2008

An opportunity to be creative

There's a quote I've heard that goes along the lines of "a problem is just an opportunity to be creative." With Christmas coming and no income I have found plenty of opportunities to be creative lately.

Instead of fretting about not being able to buy all the things I see that my friends and family would love, I've busied myself making gifts for everyone on my list. I'm not talking about making one or two or three things like I've always done, but I'm making everything for everyone on my list (with just a couple of exceptions of items I purchased much earlier in the year).

The biggest challenge has been to come up with enough things to make! I'm a beader, but somehow I don't think my brother would appreciate a sparkly bauble. Just as I don't think my mom really needs another knitted scarf when she has half a dozen she's made herself. It's been a huge stretch on the imagination! But while a lot of it has been a lot of work (some of my projects I've been working on since early October) I've enjoyed the chance to make useful those things which would otherwise be wasted. And when my friends and family get their gifts they will know these things were made with love - I wouldn't have spent this much time on just anybody!

Over the next several days I'll be posting some of the projects I've been working on that will hopefully inspire you to look at the things around you with a new creative eye.

The wreath hanging on our door was made from an old beat up wreath form and clippings from our cedar tree along with a couple of faux berry sprays I found out in the craft room.
I haven't made a wreath in years, but it was great trekking about the yard, gathering my materials and then standing in the cold, crisp winter sunshine, building a little Christmas cheer for my family and anyone who visits.

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