Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowing inside and out

Don't be alarmed - that doesn't mean there's a hole in my roof or anything like that, it just means I've been making snowflakes!

I found these woodland snowflakes over at Pretty Ditty and decided I needed to make some too. After yet another windstorm the yard was again filled with birch branches just begging to be made into something.

She used wood glue to make hers but I don't have time on my side at the moment and I dug out...the glue gun! DUNDUNDUN!!!

The only problem with using hot glue is the mess that it leaves behind. It's not exactly invisible and it always leaves those spiderwebby strings floating all over your project. Not to worry! Use just a little dab and make sure the glue has finished coming out of the gun before putting it down(I just envisioned everyone insulting their glue gun when I said that). The glue that is still visible I wrapped jute string around. Easy fix!

But the project is much more kid friendly without the flesh-burning glue involved. If you decide to also use wood glue, just be prepared to wait a while so they can set up.

I made six of these hand-sized (well, my hand anyway) snowflakes to give to some friends to go with their cabin-like, woodsy decor - just right! (said Goldilocks).


Megan said...

You're awesome, Molly. I love the snowflakes.

Heidi said...

I love these! I am soooo putting them on my to-make list for next year. Thank you!

(Oh, and thanks for delurking over on my blog. :) I love meeting my readers!!)