Monday, December 22, 2008

Paper whites

I love growing things - especially flowers. When summer and sunshine are over I mope a bit, I admit it. I get over it soon enough with the beauty of Fall leaves but growing things gets put on hold for...well, too long. Which is why I always grow some paper whites in a pot in my window. I grew quite a few of them this year and they were lovely! But now they are also done. *pathetic sigh* So what to do?
I was perusing the merchandise in the craft aisle at a local store when I spied a "stack" of paper already cut and ready to create paper flowers. The papers were all patterned and pre-cut and they looked very cute. However, I couldn't justify spending money on something like that so I went searching. Ah, bless the internet! And all their lessons and tutorials! I came across Jeffery Rudell at CraftSylish and his instructions for paper flowers. His designs are fantastic! [I already posted a link to his snowstorm idea - which I tried and loved.]

I did alter his instructions a bit, to suit what I had.

First, I used printer paper instead of his lovely vellum (which admittedly looks better and more delicate) and I also used the floral wire that is already covered. I simply applied some tacky glue to the bottom of each stem (and let dry) to hold the thread in place when I push the flower onto the wire.

I also cut each of the wires in half to make the flowers a little shorter, more natural looking (to me) and it also extended my wire supply allowing me to make twice the amount.

As a variation, on one bunch I bent the loop of wire that is to represent the pistil so that the flat side of it faces the front and glued a flatback faux gem.
You can also layer the flowers by cutting an additional circle larger or smaller than the recommended 3 inch and threading it before (if smaller) or after (if larger) the original size.

Now I have a bouquet of true paper whites which won't wilt (wow.).

Give a little hope and cheer (which is what flowers always represent to me) to your friends and neighbors by making a bunch and tying a ribbon around their middle. How lovely!

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