Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An introduction

It's in college when you're suddenly living with other people who don't know you like your family does that you realize you've got some strange habits. My roommates started calling me Molly the Pirate when they pointed out to me how much I said "Argh!" It must have been my inherent pirate-ness or my mischievous subconscious that brought it out, but I still use it. The nickname and the word.
You don't have to ponder whether my name is something to arouse concern. No references to raiding, pillaging, plundering, pilfering weaselly black guts out or any other unsavory behavior. We're all clean pirates here. :)
Now when you get a thought, idea, epiphany it's like a sparkle, a glimmer, a lightbulb, a...shine.
Or maybe I'm just going to blab about some shiny jewelry...or...bit o' shine that I made. You just never know.

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