Monday, December 29, 2008

The running tally

If you are visiting from SimplyVintageGirl you have to excuse my total and complete lack of actual tutorials appearing here. I posted this when I was new to blogging and links and photos were just not something I knew about. I've made attempts to rectify that but feel free to browse about my other posts - I'm always making something and I hope you can find something you'd like to try too.

I'm not the only person advocating homemade gifts! I found a series of posts at Simply Vintage Girl dedicated to "a homemade Christmas" (hence the banner). If you click the banner you can visit her site.
Even though I'm still not finished with Christmas gift-giving due to some seriously inclement weather, here is a tally of what I spent my time on from October to December.
Photography alphabet collage x2
dried apples
toasted pumpkin seeds, shelled (yes...shelled)
oreo truffles x2
chamomile soaps x2
steampunked pens x8
decorated ornaments x4
cedar berry sachets x4
beaded ornament
bracelets x2
gear art
fireside basket
Oddly enough, I feel like I'm forgetting things. That's what happens when you have so many projects going on at once and they all require multiple steps to complete. Some of you, my friends and relatives, may be getting Christmas gifts from me in March - when I find them under the mound of craft materials now strewn about the house.

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