Wednesday, December 3, 2008


If you've never heard the term "steampunk" you're probably making the face that I made when I first heard it: one eyebrow raised in quizzical wonderment. When I realized it was a newish term to describe something I'd always found so fascinating I got all excited. THEN I found out that people were crafting all kinds of shiny goodies to embody the spirit of steampunk. I am constantly being inspired by other artists to incorporate new materials into my jewelry-making and clock gears became next on the list. Lucky for me my cousin Mario used to repair clocks and watches and has drawers full of leftover parts. He let me dig around in his shop and I got very dirty, but inspired. The results:

I ended up keeping this last necklace for myself! Partly because I needed it to wear at Halloween and partly because I knew I could do a better job next time. I do have your best interest at heart!

What was fun about Halloween (I mean besides the adorable kids that came to the door) was that I got to wear my great uncle Heinz's top hat from wayyyyyy back when. He was a magician and I'm not sure if he used this particular hat in any routines but there are a few clues that lead me to believe so.

The Steampunk Workshop will provide you with some steampunk inspiration of your own. JLH Jewelry sells some great steampunk pieces as well as plenty of other beautifully crafted wearable art. I've bought a couple of things from Jen that I just love!

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Halle said...

Awesome jewelry!!! I love steampunk!!!