Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Change it up + packages galore!

Back in March I experimented with a couple things in my bedroom - you know that room that gets totally ignored because you only go in there to sleep? I was using what I had and trying to make other things worked (see here for the full horrific post complete with unbelievable grimace-inducing photos).

The picture hanging over the bed was introduced to the burn pile and they became great friends. That space has been blank ever since despite the multitude (one might say plethora) of spare items to choose from. Well I finally picked something to put up there to give me a new look. A pair of candle sconces from my brother along with the fabric yardage from the post mentioned previously (don't worry I don't ever plan on lighting the candles) make a nice frame.
The sides needed to be held up to give it a better shape so I used a couple scraps of Tejas suede cord and two keys off a keyring my grandpa found in the desert years ago (wouldn't you love to know the story behind them?).

The fabric's tails were still a bit long so I wrapped them around the bed post. And one post is home to my metal punched heart from Beyond the Garden Gate and the other heart came from Missie - I love it Missie! Look how great they go together.

(I apologize for the flash, I don't know why it doesn't occur to me to take some of these photos during the day.)

Which brings me to my packages - one being from the wonderful Missie of Crafting with Cat Hair. There was squealing as I opened my treasures.

I also got my prize I won from Legally Blonde's Proceedings in the Christmas in July party. My santa bubble light is absolutely stunning! Thanks Kara!


B said...

Those keys are magnificent. There is nothing like an old key to get the brain churning hey? What did they unlock and who held them? So clever to think of including them the way you did to your headboard design.

Nora Johnson said...

I'm glad you found my blog at the July in Xmas blog party and I'm so glad too I've now found yours! I love your work! You're so talented & I love the keys!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday & I’ll be back again soon to check up on further lovely posts!

btw just posted my latest Lola Lifeline Column - hope you’ll have time to pop over & join the fun...! :)


Marie Antionette said...

The whole look is stunning and the keys are perfect.And such wonderful gifties,Don't you just love gifties.XXOO Marie Antionette

the ungourmet said...

You made me laugh! I love the new look! Very romantic!

I'm surprised you haven't tried painting your headboard. I know how you love to change the look of things with paint.

Hope you are having a terrific August!