Monday, December 1, 2008


This is me...being silly about the fact that my nail polish and scarf match. :)

(By the way, it's a Brassy Apple scarf)

I am...

Like you - I love to create! My mom taught me crafting and decorating from a young age and I can't remember when it wasn't part of my life. I always think "I could make that!" (unless it involves sewing and then I'm sunk)...or at least I'll give it my best shot. :)

Like many - I am unemployed and living in a small town. Let me tell you that job opportunities are limited and far away. I started this blog to save my sanity and keep me motivated. Plus, when it comes time for gifts - and mine are all handmade these days - I was so thankful for bloggers providing me with great ideas and I wanted to return the favor. I also turned my jewelry-making hobby into my income by opening an Etsy shop.

Different - I look a little different than most people; after all I'm only 5'2"! ;)
I also have a "port wine stain" birthmark on my cheek. Didn't notice it in my photo? I'd like to say that mineral makeup is a fantastic invention; I buy mine from Alima.

Tidbits - A friend once told me I'm the only person they know whose eyes actually sparkle when they laugh and another friend told me I laugh more than anyone they know. My purse requirements always include that there must be enough space for all my regular stuff and a book. I like my coffee best when it is mostly chocolate. I drive an old pickup truck named George and my garden may be full of weeds but it is more full of my favorite flowers, namely sunflowers and poppies. Also, this article might have been written about me.

My three shadows:



Queen Isabella (called Izzy)

My long walk to the mailbox. I usually wait until later in the morning but I couldn't resist a pink sunrise with a moon slice.

And because I save my sunflower heads to feed the birds in winter, I sometimes get plants popping up in strange places.

I rescued these poppies from different places in the garden - moving them all to one location. Now it's like a gorgeous carpet of color!

Thanks for stopping by!


Natalie said...

I have the same purse requirement. If I can't fit at least one book in there with everything else, then sorry, that purse just isn't for me! lol :) I am a new follower of your blog. Thank you so much for stopping by mine! :)

Spiritartartist said...

Just found your blog and enjoy your postings!

Aida said...

hi. i happened to read the article u said might have been written about u....
and it's about me too, every word of it :)
i'm going to make my boyfriend read it cause i'm exosted explaning why hanging out with his friends is a challenge 4 me (and many other things about him)
best regards from israel